Frequently Asked Questions

  • What colour roofing shingle should I use?

    We offer a wide range of colours that will not only enhance the roof but the general look and feel of the exterior of your home.
  • How do the roofing shingles obtain their unique colours?

    Through the manufacturing process, richly enhanced ceramic granules are rolled into a strong inert layer of bituminous impregnated fibreglass core and this allows for a colour fast result.
  • What style roofing shingle should I choose to offer the best exterior appeal?

    If your home’s exterior is monochromatic, think about adding shingles that through their dimension which gives your roof a rich, textured look. For home’s that already have a detailed exterior, you could choose softer, more muted shingles. We offer a variety of roofing shingles that carry a unique combination of these characteristics, you may be looking for.
  • What benefits are there in using the shingle roofing system?

    Once installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications your roof will be waterproof, dustproof, colour fast and virtually maintenance free. Other attributes of our roofing system are that it is aesthetically pleasing, has acoustic properties, adds a security benefit, is thermally efficient, offers excellent wind resistance, is lightweight (22kgs/m²) and cost effective. Due to the make up of the product versatility in design & application is something quite unique
  • Does your roofing system comply in terms of required R-values?

    R-value calculations are available on request.
  • Can ‘the system’ be used in replacing existing roofs?

    Yes, we have replaced many sheeted, tiled, natural slate and thatched roofs.
  • Why should I consider using the Owens Corning Shingle Roofing System™ on my roof?

    The Shingles have a 30 year Limited Warranty, can withstand wind speeds of up too 150km-200km/hour and also carry a 10 year limited algae resistant warranty. “Its for life” !
  • Do Roofing Shingles include any “green” building aspects ?

    Owens Corning’s building science expertise and product solutions are backed by over 70 years of building industry experience. From inventing new technologies to turning those innovations into industry transforming products and solutions, help meet the challenges of green building. Focusing on measured improvements in planning and design, energy efficiency, water efficiency and conservation, material conservation and resource efficiency and environmental quality.
  • What does the Shingle Roofing system comprise of?

    Orientated Strand Board (OSB), Drip Edges, Weatherlock waterproofing mat, Shingles, Ventsure Ventilation and Hip & Ridge Shingles.
  • What colours are available?

    The standard colours we carry ex stock are: Estate Grey, Onyx Black, Brownwood and Amber in the Duration (Dragon’s tooth), Supreme (brick shape) and Oak Euro (diamond shape) product ranges. The vast colour chart on offer from our Manufacturer gives your roof a personality of its own offering a warm and inviting look. Refer to our website for alternative colour options and designs.
  • What styles of roofs can the Roofing Shingles be installed on?

    Duration Shingles: This product range is very versatile and can be installed on all types of roof designs. Supreme and Oak Euro Shingles: gable to gable and mono pitch roofs.
  • What is the minimum pitch of the roof that the Shingles can be installed on?

    11° as per the standard system. Lower pitches can be installed but you would need to contact us to discuss in more detail.
  • Is the same structure design used for all roofing systems?

    No, please contact us to discuss.
  • Do we follow industry standard rules and regulations?

    The product has been rigorously been tested for fire safety, achieving the International UL A1 Fire Rating, it has also been locally tested, passing the ASTM E 108 and the SABS ‘burning brands’ test.

    We are accepted by the (NHBRC)

    Testing has been done in accordance with SANS 10177 Part12 to enable calculation of boundary distances as in SANS 10400 Part T.

    In the event of the installation of fireplaces (chimneys) ensure compliance with SANS 10400 Part V.