Don’t Ponder When Choosing a Roof

Make the right choice first time and install the Owens Corning High Performance Shingle Roofing System.

You need a roof covering that offers a complete package, ensuring that your building and its contents are secure and safe with the added advantage of looking good.

From flexibility in design features, combined with vibrant colour and style options for standard roof construction, the result is always the same: The View From The Road Just Got Better.

‘Curb appeal’ plays a major role in what designers like to present to their clients. Our Shingle Roofing System allows freedom of expression, with superb results when applied to complicated structures, all installed via a network of certified installers. Domes and ‘rondawels’, sweeping curves, inverse pitches, rounded and pitched dormers have easily been achieved with great visual effect.

A minimum pitch of 11 degrees is recommended, but lower slopes can be achieved with additional waterproofing systems. Vertical cladding is also erected. The system does not leak or fade, roof voids are dust free and due to the inherent colourfast bead finish, the maintenance of the roof is minimized.

Algae growth on roofs is a problem in many areas, specifically in coastal regions, but the Owens Corning High Performance Shingle Roofing System is not affected by this or corrosive elements. Fixing systems employed are selected according to their suitability for the geographical areas of installation. Buildings such as hospitals, libraries, learning institutions and churches are all susceptible to noise, and acoustics play an integral role in the design of the building. In these applications, the System is evidenced to aid noise reduction.

In this day and age, security is of great value to any building and the inaccessibility through our roofing system, due to the OSB boarding, which covers the whole roof structure, secures the roof void from intrusion and adds a safety feature to an attractive roof. Three independent authorised testing facilities have endorsed the product due to results achieved for fire tests conducted to International Standards and codes of Practise.

Energy efficiency is a top priority for the construction industry and through rational design or deemed-to-satisfy methodology, we achieve the desired results, whether in the traditional ceiling or fashionable cathedral type design. The System incorporates our Patented ‘Ventsure’ technology, allowing natural ventilation through the attic space to exhaust through the ridge, keeping the roof void cool and allowing for a comfortable interior.

Relax. We give you peace of mind.