New Generation Shingles – The right combination of beauty and brawn

Global Innovative Building Systems has developed markets where the Owens Corning high-performance shingle roofing system has succeeded in breaking the resistance to change. The system has proven beyond doubt that, when installed correctly, the result is superb. Over the years the focus has altered, the product has changed and the end result is a technical achievement which gives both the manufacturer. Owen Corning, and the end-user absolute confidence and satisfaction in its use.


With Owen Corning, a recognised leader in the manufacture of asphalt roofing shingles since 1977, expertise and technical back up are unequalled. Owens Corning has been in the building materials business for over 65years. They run 14 plants that manufacture asphalt shingles in the United States and are innovators in the development of these products.

“Global Innovative Building Systems and Owens Corning are united in their vision and belief in this product for Africa. Sourcing shingles from specific plants which manufacture products for supply to areas with similar climatic conditions to us has been vital in achieving our success. Our shingle roofing system includes all the products that create a watertight roof covering” says Mike Bywater, CEO of Global Innovative Building Systems. 

The timber decking conforms to structural standards as laid down by the relevant authorities relating to thicknesses, span ratings and exposure durability classifications. “We do not compromise on the quality aspect of the Owens Corning high-performance roofing system and we know that when we leave a job do not go back. If the system is correctly installed, it does not leak as the shingles bond to one another, forming a uniform single watertight unit”

Why choose an Owens corning shingle roof?

The system has many unseen attributes which contribute to the success of the roof. Global’s shingles are colour-fast and do not fade. The outer mineral beads resist ultraviolet rays and protect the underlying asphalt. Furthermore, the product has high wind-resistant features and withstands constant wind speeds of 189km/h or more, featuring the SureNail® technology. Due to the timber decking, the security of homes is difficult to breach through the roof.

The product carries a five-year algae-resistant warrantee and resists algae growth. Through Global and Owens Corning’s combined years of experience in the insulation industry and the promulgation of the new SANS 204 insulation specification, they have developed a system unique to the product which creates and energy-efficient naturally ventilated roof.

“We have proprietary ventilation hardware for venting systems and solar-driven roof vents. Green design is definitely a part of our forward-thinking” says Baywater. Aesthetic appearance is of the utmost importance in any building design and the slogan “the view from the road just got better” is true in the case of an Owens Corning shingle roof.

The product is versatile in its capability of achieving unique design criteria or being used in standard design applications. The total system is lightweight and its combined weight is 22kg/m2, allowing the product to be easily transported and handled. Once the roof is up, it requires little maintenance. A minimum pitch of l l degrees is standard practice. The system achieves a ULAI fire rating internationally and Global has tested it locally through a fire laboratory at the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) to ASTM E108, where the product achieved a Class A rating.

Our new product range

Global’s excitement continues regarding the launch of the new generation TruDefinition ™Duration ® series shingles are stunning, with bold colour and contrast. The shingle is engineered with patented SureNail® technology for outstanding performance against the elements. It is the perfect combination of brawn and beauty.

“This is a very important roofing and asphalt product launch, with this launch we have one of the most differentiated laminated shingle offerings in the industry. We used an innovation process to identify the attributes we should consider in the next generation of our flagship product line. Then we conducted extensive market research to determine which ones would be cost-effective and most valued by contractors and homeowners.” said Andy Panelli, Senior Product Manager for shingles at Owens Corning.

Contractors will notice a change in the SureNail® nailing strip of the new shingle. A woven, engineered fabric strop reinforces the fixing zone, resulting in a tough thick fastening area. Its unique triple-layer design offers excellent fastener holding power and helps to enable the shingles to withstand high wind speeds. The feedback on the product’s enhancements from contractors who have installed the new SureNail® technology design was very positive. Other features that contractors value included a highly visible fixing zone for fast, easy installation and shingles that lay flat on a roof. TruDefinition™ Duration ® shingles give homeowners higher-contrast colour blend, resulting in a high-end look at a more affordable price.

TruDefinition™ Duration® Designer shingles will also be available in two new colours. In addition to meeting the growing market trend for higher contrast colours, the shingles offer homeowners triple-layer protection. This occurs where the new SureNail® strip covers the common bond area of the shingle. A laminated shingle is constructed of two layers that partially overlap. Where they join in the center at the nailing area, the SureNail® strip offers a third layer of protective reinforcement in the fixing zone. The result is a beautiful, colour-blended shingle with outstanding fastener holding power.

According to Panelli, the new line is receiving good feedback in the market. “Contractors can count on Owens Corning to provide innovative new products that provide value, help them to differentiate themselves and sell more jobs. These new shingles will help to fuel profitable growth for roofing and asphalt”

Mike Bywater is the CEO of the company, starting the organisation over 31 years ago, developing Global Innovative Building Systems into a force to be reckoned with in the building industry, bringing about new innovative products and services to all sectors of the African markets.

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