Revolutionary flexible skirting is here!

Skirtex skirting boards are a revolutionary new concept, in the building industry. This Eco-friendly, non-toxic, CFC free product is made from a reclaim product thus preventing further deforestation.

Skirtex is designed to provide the perfect finish to any interior room. Global Innovative Building Systems is excited to be distributing this new innovative product

Product Advantages:

  • Flexible enough to go around any pillar or corner
  • Durable – won’t chip or dent
  • UV and water resistant –suitable for bathrooms and outdoor entertainment areas.
  • Water resistance prevents swelling, buckling and rotting
  • Unaffected by wood boring insects
  • Superior smooth finish – requires no additional sanding
  • Paint with enamel, stain or varnish to compliment your room
  • Installation requires only adhesive to glue in place, absolutely no nails required