Stylish weather-resistant roof shingles

Owens Corning WeatherGuard® HP shingles, provided and installed by Global Innovative Building Systems (GISSA), were specified as the roof covering for Blouberg International School, which was designed by Luis Mira Architects in Cape Town. The shingles are available in six colour blends, which enhance the style and aesthetic appearance of the finished product. It adds a new dimension to the roof of any building that is neat and eye-catching. Antique silver shingles were chosen by the architects for the Blouberg International School because of its light colour, which is solar-reflecting and aids in the energy-efficiency of the building.

Constructing the roof

The roof of the Blouberg International School consisted of mono-pitch and double-pitch roof varying between 11, 14 and 17 degrees. The total roof area was 1564m2. Timber trusses were used throughout the building and an 80mm structural insulated panel with a 50mm expanded polystyrene core was used on top of the trusses to insulate the roof and act as the timber decking for the shingles. A waterproofing underlay was installed over the decking to give added protection to the roofing system and the shingles were then fixed over the underlay, creating a completely watertight unit. Onsite training was given by a GISSA technical manager. Each pack of shingles had an average weight of 30kg with coverage of 2.29m2 per pack. Under the supervision of GISSA’s technical team the installation of the Owens Corning shingles for the total roof area was completed in only ten days. The end result of the project was a clean, neat, aesthetically pleasing roof which created a functional, energy-efficient and comfortable environment in which all occupants work to their maximum capacity.

Benefits of the shingles

The shingles have been specially designed with inherent weather-resistant properties withstanding wind speeds of 210km/h. They are impact-resistant and have been engineered to face some of Mother Nature’s worst weather conditions and still look good. A patented composite construction retaining the integrity of the shingle during severe weather ensures that the product is durable.

Resistant webbing at the shingle base reinforced by the Tru-Bond® sealants creates maximum holding power during high winds. Acoustic properties play an important role in any roof construction, especially in buildings like schools, churches, hospitals and libraries, where noise levels bead to be controlled. Owens Corning shingles allow for a quieter, relaxed environment where noise created by inclement weather does not interfere with any activities taking place within the building. The product is safe to use in all buildings as it has been tested for fire resistance and achieved a UL class A 1 rating adhering to international standards.

It has also been tested locally to ASTM standards through CSIR affiliates and also to European Pre-standards. It has also been tested locally to ASTM standards through CSIR affiliates and also to European Pre-standards (EVN) via the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS), and in both cases the product passed with flying colours.


Mike Bywater is the CEO of the company, starting the organisation over 31 years ago, developing Global Innovative Building Systems into a force to be reckoned with in the building industry, bringing about new innovative products and services to all sectors of the African markets.

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